Add new fish

Add new fish

How to introduce fish

Acclimatising is really kind and it’ll take just one extra hour. Here’s what you need to do…

  1. Let the sealed plastic bag that you’ve brought your fish home in, float on the surface of your tank for 20 minutes. Siphon out enough water from the tank to make room for the bag first, so nothing spills over the top.
  2. After 20 minutes open the bag and allow a small amount of tank water in, repeat this process every ten minutes for the next hour.
  3. Finally, gently lift the bag and allow your fish to swim out into their new home.

You must let your fish get familiar with the water first. Try not to let all of the bag water into your tank as your fish will have been in that bag a while.

What to do when your fish is in its new home

Don’t feed your fish for the first 24 hours. Allow them to relax and settle in their new home without disturbing them.

And one last final step. Add Tetra SafeStart to your water now too. Adding this straight after you’ve added your fish adds the super Nitrifiers. These bacteria breakdown the ammonia fish produce. The water in your fish tank needs good bacteria to help it stay healthy.

Keeping the balance of bacteria helps to prevent ill or diseased fish.