It’s important to know what to feed your fish


Feeding new food

Fish need to be slowly introduced to any new food. It helps them get used to it more easily as they are sensitive to change. Different sizes, shapes, colours, textures, smells and tastes can take some getting used to.

When to feed your fish?

Feed as much as your fish will eat in 30 seconds twice a day for the first week, then offer as much as they will eat in 2 minutes 2-3 times per day. Little and often is better!

If you notice any uneaten food, remove it easily using a net or Tetra GC Gravel Cleaner. If uneaten food is left in the tank, it will rot causing a build-up of toxic chemicals and algae to form, causing harm to your fish.

Gravel Cleaner

Which food for which fish?

If you’ve got a community tank you will need to cater for each of your species’ dietary needs, whilst making sure the food is accessible to all levels of the aquarium.

Do this by dividing your tank into: top, middle and bottom feeders. Fish food that floats is perfect for top feeders and fast sinking foods are best for bottom feeders.

Top: TetraMin and TetraPro

Middle: TetraMin and TetraPrima

Bottom: Tetra Pleco Wafers and Tetra Wafer Mix

Storing fish food

Keep your fish food nice and fresh. Don’t buy re-bagged food, even if the price is super tempting. You won’t know the expiry date and the freshness seal will have been broken exposing it to air and light.

Humidity, (the amount of water vapour in the air), helps fungus grow on fish food. This causes poor water quality and if eaten it can cause death.


Overfeeding is a common problem, especially when your tank is new.

Once your tank is set up it’s good to be a bit stingy with food amounts. You can offer more food more regularly after a few days.

Fish need a healthy and high-quality diet. Tetra’s food range provides the right amount of nutrition and also help reduce the amount of poops they do too!

Always check the food’s expiry date and don’t buy more food than you can use in 6 months.