Let's go fish shopping

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for… it’s time to go fish shopping.

Let's go fish shopping

Which fish is right for my tank?

When shopping for fish you need to select the right fish for your tank temperature and environment. Tropical fish like warmer climates and need heaters while other fish suit coldwater tanks.

Different parts of the UK have either hard water or soft water. Knowing what type of water, you have can help you decide what fish is best for you and your environment. Common community fish are often happy in either type of water. But some challenging fish species need their water chemistry adjusted to their needs and are not recommended for beginners.

Speak to your aquatic retailer to help decide and choose the right fish and stocking plan for you!

Goldfish are the third most popular pet in the UK, after dogs and cats!

Not all fish are friends

If you’re planning a community aquarium (a tank that’s designed to contain more than one species of fish) then make sure you choose fish that will be friends. For example, male betta’s can be aggressive to other fish. It’s important to always ask your retailer before choosing to add any fish.

Simply put, research the behaviour of your fish before your buy. Some species can become bullies in the tank terrorising tank mates while others can be most welcoming.


Whatever fish you do choose, learn about their adult sizes before you buy. This is really important as they can outgrow their tank size as they get older.

Just like you, fish grow pretty quickly, so don’t believe the myth that fish only grow to the size of the tank either. It’s simply not true.

Goldfish can grow to be surprisingly big and can live up to 50 years!


It’s important not to overstock your tank! This can be done by adding fish slowly and stopping when your tank reaches the total number of fish you fit in your tank when they reach their adult size.

Overstocking can cause tanks to get dirty quickly as waste builds up and oxygen is reduced.

This can lead to illness and disease.

The rule of thumb of stocking your tank is as follows: every 10 litres of water you can have 10cm of the adult fish body length (you can discount the tail).

Tropical Freshwater 1cm fish body length* per litre of water. Temperate Freshwater 2cm fish body length* per litre of water. Tropical Marine 4cm fish body length* per litre of water.

*when measuring fish body length, the tail fin can be discounted.