Get set-up

Now for the really fun bit, setting up your tank and it’s easier than you might think!

Get set-up

Step 1

Let’s take the tank out of the box. Tetra Fish Tanks are made of glass so ask a grown up for help and take extra care.

Give your tank a quick clean with Tetra Easy Wipes. And position the tank on a strong, flat surface.

Easy Wipes

Step 2

If adding real plants add a layer of Tetra Complete Substrate. This will help plants grow big and strong!

Complete Substrate

Step 3

Add a layer of washed Tetra Active Substrate regardless of whether your adding real or plastic plants. Don’t worry if the water changes colour, it might turn a little brown. If this happens wait a few hours for it to settle.

Active Substrate

Step 4

It’s time to set up the fish life support system. AKA the filter and if it’s a tropical aquarium, a heater too.

You’ll find the instructions inside the Tetra Filter box.

Internal Filters

Don’t plug the power socket in until your fish tank is at least half full of water. Always ask a grown up to plug anything electrical in.

Step 5

Time to start filling the tank. Use a plate or saucer to cover the gravel so that the water doesn’t disturb it and make a mess.  Go slowly at first, in fact you should only half fill the tank.

Tapwater can be harmful for fish, but it can be made safe with Tetra AquaSafe.

Step 6

Now that your tank is half-full you can start adding the plants.

Burrow small holes into your gravel and pop your plants in, making sure you cover the roots up nice and neatly. Remember: real plant roots are very delicate

Have some fun with this, get your green fingers wiggling and jiggling and become a fish tank gardening pro by bringing out your inner landscape gardener.

Step 7

Now we have finished planting it is time to fill up the rest of the tank and switch the power on. Take some time to admire your beautiful work.