Water care

Water care

Your amazing filter

Filters provide the perfect home for clever bacteria known as “nitrifiers”. These bacteria do the important job of changing the ammonia in fish waste into non-toxic chemicals! It’s lucky that filters are a great home because nitirfiers are also really delicate and take time to grow. Without these super bacteria you would not be able to keep your pet fish alive.

Filters also remove the solid waste from your tanks.


Nitrifiers take time to grow so adding SafeStart can introduce these bacteria for you!

Water treatment

Although our water is clean straight out the tap, water has chemicals in that are not harmful to humans but are poisonous to fish.

Tetra AquaSafe should be used to make tap water safe for fish by removing harmful chemicals from water. For your first tank fill, add AquaSafe and then wait 24 hours before adding new fish.


Keeping water healthy & safe.

Maintaining healthy water is the kindest and most necessary thing you can do for your fish. Looking at your tank and seeing clear water isn’t enough. We have a simple 4 step process to help:

This is where you get to become a biologist and a chemist all in one and thankfully it’s a lot easier than it sounds thanks to Tetra’s simple four-step process.

  1. Make weekly water testing easy by downloading the Tetra Digital Water Care App. It will help you quickly check your water quality.
  2. Use a TetraTec GC gravel cleaner to hoover the bottom of the tank to remove any fish waste.
  3. Dose your tank weekly with Tetra EasyBalance. It stabilises water pH and controls algae feeding nutrients.
  4. Clean your filter foams in a bucket of tank water to remove solid waste. Remember to use Tetra FilterActive every time you clean them as it encourages and stocks up the nitrifying bacteria lost during water changes.